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Conversational Marketing

Engage your customers; on their own terms

At Elevation Marketing we understand now more than ever consumers are looking for true connection. And what better way to forge that connection than via conversational marketing? Whether you’re new to conversational marketing or you’re looking to improve the performance of your existing bots, our expert team is here to serve. Allow us to help you harness the power of this exciting new medium to increase conversion rates, qualify leads and deliver a better UX.

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What is conversational marketing?

Conversational marketing is the use of chatbots to nurture real-time conversations with customers to gain useful data, address consumer needs and, ultimately, convert sales in a more efficient manner. Consumers want to speak to businesses in what feels like an informal and personalized interaction. Conversational marketing removes the barrier between the consumer and the business, allowing customers to find what they are looking for in a timely fashion, whilst enhancing their user experience.

The integration of real-time, AI-driven chatbots is a great way to spark an engaging conversation with potential customers at any time-day or night. We know that consumers are increasingly time-short. Therefore having the ability to discuss and narrow down buying options, on their terms, is an asset for both the consumer and your business. In addition, a real-time conversation is proven to speed up the buying process, thus increasing sales. At Elevation Marketing our expert conversational marketing solutions are proven to open new doors for your organization while freeing up resources to focus on business critical tasks.

The benefits conversational marketing include:

A streamlined sales experience

Engagement with customers is essential for understanding consumer needs. Before conversational marketing entered the forum, the process of deciphering the specifics of what a customer wanted could be a lengthy process, risking both the loss of the customer’s interest and the sale. At Elevation Marketing, our conversational marketing solutions make it easy to engage with your customers as soon as they enter your site. This significantly shortens the sales cycles, as we’re able to deliver the content each individual site visitor is seeking, within seconds. A previously unparalleled user experience that instantly creates brand advocates and loyal customers.

Opportunities for consumer-base growth

The power of eliciting conversations has been shown to grow consumer bases exponentially. Through the use of chatbot AI, we can identify new leads within minutes and guide potential customers down the sales funnel, at any hour of any day. From answering FAQ’s to booking meetings, there is truly no end to what your chatbot can do for your growing consumer-base.

Collection of invaluable data

The collection of conversational data allows our team to analyze trends and market your business for success. By pinpointing, for example, the most popular question and common queries your site visitors are seeking, we will optimize your company’s wider marketing strategy. This unique data-driven approach empowers your company to address consumer needs as they occur. Invaluable information that can increase efficiencies across every facet of your business.

Targeted website experience

Conversational marketing allows us to tailor your business’s website experience to each individual customer. Based on patterns of digital behavior and preferences, we can target each visitor with an individualized user path. This not only saves the customer time: it also forges a mutually beneficial connection between business and consumer that reaches far beyond the initial interaction.

Automation of redundant customer service tasks

By delivering critical content, right when the consumer needs it, conversational marketing has been proven to free up valuable human capital. Rather than tasking a key staff member with repeatedly answering the same FAQ’s via phone or email, or directing consumers to a particular piece of digital collateral, you can place the burden on your chatbot. Thus freeing up your team members to focus on critical tasks that impact your bottom line.

A more human approach

Conversational marketing undoubtedly creates an empathetic, helpful environment for consumers. Due to the immediacy of this type of communication, relationship management is yet another benefit of conversational marketing. If you’re looking to humanize your brand and drastically improve the UX of your website, conversation marketing is key!

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