How a proven digital marketing strategy helped Absolute Commercial Roofing boost their visibility in just 12 months

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The Challenge

Absolute Commercial Roofing (ACR) partnered with Elevation Marketing in late 2019 to increase their online visibility. They knew that our team of roofing marketing pros had the skills to improve traffic to their website and drive leads, and so they hired us for our SEO services. 

Throughout this process, we had to remain flexible and optimize our SEO strategy according to the resources we had, which even led to us pivoting our strategy in order to have the greatest positive impact for the client. In this case study, we’ll highlight the difference just 12 months of SEO services can make for your business!

The SEO Puzzle

The most important piece of the SEO puzzle for Absolute was to lay a solid digital foundation based on research, analytics, market analysis, and competitive analysis.




In 12 months, increase from 18% of keywords on page 1 to 31% of all keywords on page 1.



In 12 months, position 1 keywords for all service-based terms doubled.

Initial SEO Setup

As with all of our SEO clients, the most important piece of the SEO puzzle for Absolute was to lay a solid digital foundation based on research, analytics, market analysis, and competitive analysis. Through our keyword research process, we identified highly commercial keyword phrases with relatively low competition in addition to targeting keyword phrases for which competitors were ranking. 


Next, we carried out a competitive analysis to better understand what ACR was up against. It’s important to take the time to study a market, understand both natural and assumed competitors, and consider how that affects digital competition. In performing a competitive analysis, we pull data from a number of sources and concatenate the data, creating an easy-to-view comparative matrix using v-lookups. 

Why does this matter to you? Understanding your competition, what they are ranking for, in which positions, and why can inform your strategy. This understanding also helps set expectations for the types of results you may see and when. 

Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis is important. It can help you learn about your competition and identify potential opportunities.

On-Page and Off-Page Setup

After the research and analysis phase, our team worked to implement our strategy for ACR both off-page and on-page. Off-page setup includes optimizing any profiles that do not live on your domain. This would include social media profiles, your Yelp account, directory listings, and more.

Our on-page setup includes optimizing both elements users see on your website as well as all items that only search crawlers see on your website. The comprehensive approach enabled us to deliver results much faster than the industry average. 

Monthly SEO Services and Strategy

To move the dial in the eyes of the search engines, you must always be adding fresh, relevant content to your website. This gives the crawlers more data to work with, builds trust with users and crawlers alike, and gives your website the opportunity to provide users with the information for which they are searching.

Our team provided original content for the ACR blog and for other pages of the website. At times, our strategy called for updating service pages and other on-page content, while other times we created new informative blog content. We continued pushing all new content to social ACR’s social .

The Challenge and The Pivot

When you partner with a marketing agency for SEO services, it’s important to work as a team. There were several areas for which we were not contracted to do work, but these areas, such as reputation management or reviews, directly affect the impact of Organic SEO.

Our client was extremely busy (a great problem to have!), and they simply didn’t have the time or resources to execute the tasks we needed to do to be effective when it came to Organic SEO. So, after a few months of helping with Organic SEO, we pivoted our strategy and focused solely on moving the dial for Local SEO. Once we made this change, we were able to make a huge impact on search engine positioning!

Absolute Roofing Keyword Rankings by Position

What just 12 months of SEO services can do for your business.


SEO takes time, and it’s important to work with an SEO firm who doesn’t simply “set it and forget it” when it comes to executing an SEO strategy. Our roofing marketing pros were proactive, and we made changes to our original plan when we weren’t able to get what we needed from the client. We understand we are hired for a reason, and that you don’t always have time for the extras. That’s what makes us partners! At Elevation Marketing, we’re able to shift, pivot, and rebound to ensure your time with us is a success.

Ready to turn your SEO strategy around and drive more leads for your business? Our experienced marketing pros have produced excellent results for clients in many industries, from roofing to electrical work and more. 

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