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Elevation Marketing: A Boutique Agency for Home Services Contractors

Partnering with Elevation Marketing means just that. You have a partner not a vendor to help you navigate the digital marketing landscape for the home services industries.

We help your future customers find you online.


We’ll analyze your search rankings and come to the table with a clear SEO strategy to build sustained growth.


Our experts will manage your digital ads to ensure you get more bang for your advertising budget.

Valuable content is what attracts users to your site. We write compelling content for the top, middle and bottom of the funnel.

Consulting for a bit of direction on your marketing, Coaching for when you’re ready to take it in-house. Learn from the best.

Our Expertise

We have experience in all types of markets and industries but home services marketing is our favorite.

It’s important to work with an agency who understands your business. We’re highly experienced in home services marketing and work with:

  • Roofers
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Pest Control
  • Landscapers
  • HVAC Companies

Real data from one of our clients.

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We started with this client in 2019 and grew their traffic from 633 organic traffic visits to 24,311 in organic traffic visits in 2021.

Check out our Podcast:

trades secrets contractor marketing podcast
Marketing During a Recession | Episode 8

We LOVE educating our clients and others about digital marketing. We know it inside and out, and have been highly successful within the home services niche.

Trades Secrets: Contractor Marketing is a podcast that delivers how-to’s based on our experience, data and the latest in the findings in digital marketing.  We break up this information in a way that is actionable for your business.

Feelin' Fancy: Podcast Appearances

We covered A LOT in this episode. Measurable KPIs, SEO lay ups that you don’t need an agency for, best uses for ChatGPT that won’t upset the Google Gods. So many things!

We discussed marketing strategies and the best place for contractors to start when it comes to marketing.

We teamed up with Joseph Hughes and Sales Transformation Group to deliver a powerful webinar on combining content marketing, SEO and social media efforts for lead gen.

Case Study:
Roofing Marketing

Page 1 of Google for 200+ Keywords in one of the most competitive roofing markets.

Elite Roofing is our flagship client. We’ve worked with them since 2014, gradually increasing our role as a marketing partner as revenue and the marketing budget increased. 

Why do you care? Proof that our methods work. We’re a hands-on marketing partner that keeps the dialogue open as your market, goals and business changes.


Results that matter:
Leads & Search Engine Positioning


Don't take our word for it.


Learn what it’s like working with Elevation Marketing from some of our long term clients. With a hands-on approach and an emphasis on quality work and operating as your marketing partner, you’ll come to find we’re a part of your team.

“Working with the team at Elevation Marketing is easy. We had no web presence and now we can’t keep up with the leads we’re getting online.”


Are We A Fit For You?

Our most successful relationships start with clients who are facing one or more of these situations:

Low hanging fruit

“I know a Digital Marketing plan is important, but with so many different aspects to it, where can I gain the most momentum quickly so I can show my stakeholders that it’s effective?”

Lost In The Digital Maze

“Ugh. Too many things to think about when getting started. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I wish I could find a down-to-earth team who I can trust to guide me through the unknown.”

Return on Investment

“Bringing in a new digital agency seems overwhelming right now and I fear the financial commitment would be detrimental to our bottom line. How can I can be sure to see results.”

Sound familiar?

“I know a Digital Marketing plan is important but I don’t know where to start, or how long it will take to be effective.”

trades secrets contractor marketing podcast

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