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Enjoy these video shorts and nuggets of marketing wisdom designed to help bring your digital presence into the present.

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Intro to Marketing Moments

How many backlinks do I need?

Blogging: Is it really necessary?​

How active should my business be on social media?​

Custom URLs: What are they and why do I need them?​

Geo Tagging

How to optimize your website footer for SEO.

How to determine if you're getting a positive return on your SEO investment.​

Social Media and SEO

How to satisfy the Google Gods.

Keywords: Quality over Quantity

Social Media Ads

Keyword Difficulty

Website Navigation & SEO

Google Business Profile: Q&A

Google Business Profile: Category

Owning your Digital Assets

Zero Click Search

Google Business Profile: Posting

The importance of your office's physical location

Text on social media images

What is Chat GPT?