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Why do you need Search Engine Optimization?

95% of all American internet users access search engines each month, with an average of 37 searches per month. With so many consumers turning to search for their everyday needs, every organization stands to benefit from gaining search visibility, without spending thousands of dollars in advertising. How exactly do you gain visibility within the coveted first page of search engine results? It all comes down to search engine optimization (SEO).

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Like so many things in the digital age, SEO best practices are constantly evolving. From Google’s latest algorithm updates to consumer trends, it is critical to the health of your business to remain at the forefront of current SEO best practices. The ever changing science behind an effective SEO strategy needs to be analyzed constantly, and changes made accordingly. An approach that proved effective even just a few months ago may not be efficient today. With each algorithm change at Google, comes new challenges and opportunities. Pivoting and updating your web presence accordingly is a never ending job. Put simply, SEO is not a set it and forget it activity. There are no short cuts, it takes time to “do” SEO properly. This is precisely where our professional SEO services come in.

Our full-scale SEO services include

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Search Engine Optimization involves a lot of moving pieces including your social media presence, the value of the content you’re providing and the visual appeal of it all. Because any of our clients do not have the resources available to ensure their SEO strategy is a success, we offer a host of additional services including:

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