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Deciding when and how to invest in marketing is one of the biggest challenges contractors face. The fact of the matter is, your competitors are already investing. Those who are dominating in your market are tapping into a wide variety of proven marketing strategies to get there. If you are ready to begin investing in the future of your business, look no further.

At Elevation Marketing we have been working with contractors, across a multitude of verticals including roofing, electrical work, plumbing and pest control, since 2014. Our proven track record of success has afforded us the opportunity to work with some of the largest and fastest growing contractors in the US and Canada.

Our CMO Assist contractor marketing services put your marketing efforts in the hands of our seasoned team of experts, without the exorbitant cost of building an in-house marketing team. You’ll get the careful attention of a full-time contractor marketing executive, without the overhead of a full-time exec; enabling your business to—finally—start scaling without upending your budget. Stop questioning your marketing efforts and gain a deep understanding of the tactics that will transform your business from a referral based company to a thriving, sales focused organization.

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Why CMO Assist?

Marketing Expertise

Allow us to put our decades of marketing expertise to work for you. Stop wasting time and resources and discover how results driven marketing can help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently.


Rather than sinking all of your marketing budget into a single marketing professional, our CMO Assist package is designed to leave money on the table for you to invest in your marketing program.


A solution for home services contractors that will scale with your business needs, ensuring continued growth through measurable results, data driven strategies, and a true marketing partnership.

Contractor Marketing Services that Drive Qualified Leads

Our proven multifaceted approach to contractor marketing has helped contractors throughout the US and Canada grow their businesses with a steady, dependable stream of qualified leads. Stop wasting money on programs that over promise and under deliver and allow our marketing experts to design and execute a strategy that will serve your organization for years to come.

By focusing on prospects at every stage of the buyer journey, we are able to create a digital marketing program that gets the phone ringing and drives online leads around the clock. Ever wonder how your competition is growing at a seemingly unmatched pace? We’re here to help you not only determine what they’re doing right but design a program that will leave them struggling to catch up. Stop spinning your wheels and start taking advantage of the latest, most effective strategies in the contractor marketing space.

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7 Signs You’re Ready for Outsourced CMO Services

1) You’re Ready to Scale
Every business wants to grow, but to achieve growth you first need a reliable stream of new customers and clients. To attract new customers, it takes careful planning and an expertly executed marketing strategy—but typically, businesses looking to scale for the first time can’t afford a full-time, in-house CMO. Outsourcing a contractor for your marketing services is a cost-effective way to bring the marketing expertise of a full-time executive without the steep cost of a new hire.

2) You Can’t Keep Up with the Competition
With each passing year, the digital landscape becomes more and more competitive throughout every industry. Chances are, your top competitors have begun investing in their marketing efforts—and if they haven’t already, they will soon. With our CMO Assist services, you can immediately begin planning an efficient marketing strategy that will maximize your growth and help you catch up to—or pull ahead of —your top competitors.

3) Your Staff Can No Longer Handle Your Marketing Needs
Many small businesses choose to handle marketing efforts themselves, especially when they first get started. Marketing demands tend to be relatively light, but the more your business grows and the more competitive your market becomes, the more difficult it is to manage all your marketing efforts yourself. If you’re becoming overwhelmed by your marketing needs, now is the perfect time to shift that workload away from your in-house team and into the hands of our marketing experts. Not only does this ensure your marketing is handled by a professional in the field, but it also frees up your team to spend more time on what they know best—helping your business succeed.

4) You Can’t Keep Up with the Latest Marketing Trends
Many of the best practices of today bear little resemblance to the best practices of several years ago. What’s more, marketing trends can shift dramatically over the course of just a single year. At Elevation Marketing, we understand that small and medium-sized business owners simply don’t have the time or manpower to keep tabs on the quickly shifting digital marketing landscape. But that’s part of what we do best!

5) Your Marketing Efforts Are Not Driving the Results You Need to Scale
Many forms of marketing are easy to start doing yourself. However, this kind of DIY marketing often doesn’t drive the results you need. Outsourcing your marketing services is the perfect solution to ensure that your marketing efforts are carefully planned, expertly coordinated, and efficiently executed to maximize the results you need to grow your business.

6) You Don’t Have a Clear Understanding of How Your Marketing Budget is Being Spent
For many business owners, marketing can be a bit of a black box. Money goes in, and sometimes an influx of leads comes out. But more often than not, that money is simply never seen again or accounted for. With our CMO Assist program, we’ll outline exactly how your marketing dollars will be utilized, in order to make the biggest impact on your business. We will clearly demonstrate the results we drive to help you make the most informed decisions moving forward.

7) You’re Ready to Hand the Marketing Reins to an Expert
There’s a reason successful companies choose to invest in marketing: it takes a lot of effort and expertise to make it work! If you’re a business owner, your time is simply better spent on the things you do best, and the last thing you need is the headache of overseeing your marketing efforts. At Elevation Marketing, our team thrives on the challenge of helping businesses grow—and we have the years of experience and ongoing expertise to take your business to the next level.

A Proven Track Record in the Home Services Space​

We’ve worked with a wide variety of small to medium-sized businesses, but our efforts especially shine when it comes to those in the home services industry. Since 2014, we’ve brought big results for our clients in roofing, electrical work, plumbing, pest control, and more, helping to drive tens of millions of dollars in revenue growth for some of our most successful clients. As a boutique agency, we take the time to get to know our clients, their unique business challenges, and their immediate and long-term marketing goals—information we use to outline a marketing plan that delivers measurable results.

If you’re ready to partner with an contractor marketing agency that will put your business first, look no further. Contact us today to discover how our CMO Assist program will help you reach your business goals faster and more effectively. Elevating you elevates us!


Contractor marketing involves businesses outsourcing their marketing efforts to professional marketing contractors and independent consultants. These consultants may plan, execute, and manage entire marketing campaigns or handle smaller, more specific aspects of a business’s marketing efforts. 

The most reliable ways for general contractors to market themselves is by gathering positive reviews and testimonials, becoming more active in the digital space, and driving more traffic (particularly local traffic) through search engine optimization (SEO).

An excellent first step for a new contractor is to ask for referrals from your first customers. Referral marketing is very powerful for almost any industry, and this is a reliable way to build a network of clients early on.

CMO services is an alternative way to handle marketing for your business. Rather than hiring an in-house team, you can outsource your marketing efforts to an expert contractor who will provide you with strategies, advice, and marketing services to drive growth for your business.

According to Salary.com the average CMO in the US makes between  $294,719 and $415,038 with the median salary being $340,779. For many small to midsize companies, hiring a full time CMO is not in their budget. However, outsourced CMO’s are able to offer the same expertise on an hourly or retainer basis, enabling smaller companies to hire part time or fractional CMOs. 

Companies who are still under $50MM a year in revenue will most likely benefit from a fractional CMO. This is an important growth phase where marketing efforts must be carefully coordinated, but there may not be enough space in the company’s budget for a full-time marketing team.

Contractors in the fractional CMO space typically charge $200–$350 for their services. The exact cost depends on the contractor’s level of expertise, as well as the number of hours a business hires them for.

Fractional CMO services work with a business for a set number of hours per month, much less than the number of hours for a full-time marketing executive. This enables businesses to get the expertise of a marketing expert without the cost of hiring one full-time.

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