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Our expertise in paid search management, and other forms of digital advertising, creates real-time results for our clients. Broadly speaking, our strategy is two-fold: we meticulously analyze data collected from our paid media campaigns to inform organic web growth, while creating an immediate splash for your business. Our tailored and proactive approach to paid search management ensures effective outcomes and quality leads. With Elevation Marketing, you can guarantee that you will get the most out of your paid media campaigns.

Paid Media

Content is king when it comes to digital marketing. However, for it to rule effectively, your content must be high-quality and relevant. As content marketing specialists, Elevation writes to attract the attention of leading search engines and core consumers. Our content is written to forge meaningful relationships between brands and their customers. Elevation’s expertise in this area means that we write with authority and authenticity, eliciting a real interest in your readers. This is how we build long-lasting success for our clients.
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Experience has taught us that a ‘one-size-fits-all approach’ is simply not viable nor successful. At the heart of profitable paid media campaigns are real people who display real consumer behaviors. Therefore, we employ a strategy that is highly informed, reactive, and conversion focused, based on rigorous analysis of both current and prospective customers. Your customers are individual, three-dimensional human beings, so it makes sense that your paid media campaigns match them in this respect. As experts in reading consumer behaviors, we reach customers in real time and show them products and services that are relevant to their lives at that specific moment. This highly individualized and adaptable approach sets Elevation Marketing apart from other digital marketing firms.

Paid search management:

68% of online experiences begin with a search engine. This means that it is more important than ever that prospective customers can find you with ease. Coupled with our organic strategies, like content development, we are dedicated to not only pushing your business to the top of major search engine lists, but also to ensuring that the most relevant consumers find you. We will develop an individual plan that best converts your paid searches into the real deal. Our team is skilled at analyzing the most cutting-edge trends and effectiveness of paid search management. The recent unprecedented rise of Cost-per-Click advertising in Google means that up-to-date expertise in this area is crucial if you want to gain noticeable results. As the market changes so rapidly, Elevation will guide you through the most cost-effective and creative strategies available to your business.

Display advertising:

Eye-catching images, and compelling creative design will help you stand out in the digital ad ecosystem. We are experts at placing your brand and business in the most effective digital spaces, ensuring that your products and services reach the most relevant consumers. Like our paid search management strategies, our display advertising approach is methodically reassessed and adapted, meaning that your campaigns are ever-evolving and response-rates are improving over time.

First audience campaigns:

Your existing client base is fertile ground for growing new opportunities and sales. A knowledge of how to utilize this consumer group is a vital asset to any digital marketing strategy. They say that knowledge is power: this is no truer than when applied to our first audience campaigns. By analyzing your clients’ consumer behaviors, historic searches, as well as preferences, we can develop highly tuned messaging that speaks precisely to the solutions these individuals are searching for. Not only can our team pinpoint when your existing consumers will respond to a given message, we can use this data to uncover new, similar audiences.

Native advertising:

Native advertising is a way of promoting your brand while blending seamlessly with the format of the media outlet the consumer is using. This is a creative, non-invasive method of spreading the word about your business, whilst building a strong, trusting relationship between you and your consumer. We promote and manage rich content through platforms such as Outbrain and Verizon Native Ads, ensuring that your business will appear in a range of digital environments. We have seen that native advertising fuels a strong engagement rate, which is key to growing your company.

Social advertising:

As we’ve already established, effective digital marketing is all about an understanding of people! We are skilled at creating engaging and thought provoking social media ads that target specific groups and demographics. Our team of experts has the know how to navigate and manipulate the ins and outs of all major social sites. We specialize in creating ad units that drive engagement and qualified traffic to your business. Allow us to create a paid social strategy that truly sets your business apart.

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