How Elevation Marketing helped electrician TCA Electric set the pace for Vancouver electricians, nearly quadrupling their traffic since 2018

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The Challenge

When TCA Electric engaged Elevation Marketing, they were one of North Vancouver’s fastest growing electricians—but you wouldn’t have known based upon their digital footprint. We stepped in and launched a full-scale SEO audit and electrician marketing program aimed at improving their online visibility and driving qualified leads via their website. 

Building Success

A full scale website and SEO audit provided the data needed to begin.



New Users

+325% in the first year of services
+124.69% more New Users in second year of services
+854.91% more New Users since we began in 2019


Organic Search

Up in the 2nd year of services (2020 vs 2019)
Ranking for over 370 Keywords
In Positions 1-3 on Local Results for highly competitive terms




Up in second year of services
Pageviews up 375.26% since 2018

Our Strategy: A Complete Marketing Plan

Initially, TCA had a rudimentary website with poor site architecture and URL structure. That meant the first milestone was launching an updated website to ensure the functionality was there from an SEO perspective. With the new website in place, we set the foundation for SEO success that included a research phase, in addition to off-page and on-page setup. With this foundation in place, here’s how we’ve set TCA’s electrician marketing plan in motion.


Lead Growth

All Time Leads:

  • 89 forms
  • 13 paid search
  • 38 lead bots


From the beginning, consistent, high-quality content has played an integral role in our SEO strategy, and it’s proven extremely effective in fostering TCA’s organic growth. We have published high-quality blog and website content on a weekly basis. Each piece of content is carefully curated to appeal to potential customers and search engine bots alike. Each piece includes well-researched, insightful information aimed at educating TCA’s customers about their services while including strong Calls to Action (CTAs) that drive social engagement, blog subscriptions, and direct contacts. By interlinking content and linking to reputable third-party websites, we have created a vast library of high-quality content that ranks in top positions, for core service keywords, throughout Canada. 

SEO is a long-term strategy. We were able to make huge strides in TCA’s organic positioning in year one of our tailored electrician marketing plan, with major jumps in boostability. However, the major uptick in leads and favorable search engine positioning came in year two of our strong SEO strategy. Markets vary with density in a service area, searches per keyword, competitive positioning, and geographic market saturation, but when considering an SEO firm, the long play is key.

Social Media 

Though we were not engaged to provide full-scale social media, we have worked with the TCA team since early 2019 to incorporate SEO best practices into their social media program. The Elevation Marketing team optimized all profiles and regularly provides social content geared at promoting our latest content. By socializing our content strategy, we’re able to send critical social signals to Google and other search engines, a methodology that directly impacts our SERPs positioning. 

Google Local Service Ads

We helped the TCA team enroll in the GLSA program as soon as it was available in their local market. By incorporating GLSA into their digital strategy, TCA was able to begin driving qualified leads at a relatively nominal cost. In addition they enjoy increased brand recognition in and around North Vancouver along with the trust factor of the Google Guarantee. Today, GLSA plays a significant role in TCA’s lead acquisition. 

Paid Search 

We introduced paid search into the TCA strategy in late 2020. We were able to leverage a modest budget, highly geo-targeted around Vancouver’s North Shore, to increase brand awareness, attract qualified traffic, and drive high-quality leads via a small selection of carefully curated landing pages. By focusing on a handful of TCA’s highest margin services, we have been able to drive a healthy conversion rate of 5.15% and upwards of 70K impressions in our first 5 months of advertising. 

Conversational Marketing 

We also introduced conversational marketing in late 2020. Our team developed a series of carefully curated chatbots to be deployed in different areas of the TCA site. Our chatbots aim to answer site visitors’ questions in real-time as they browse content, driving leads as they explore the site. 

These chatbots immediately proved to be an effective lead generator. In many cases, we found that visitors chose to only provide an email or a phone number along with project information, enabling us to capture contact information from those who may not have completed the lead form, which previously required both an email and a phone number. Data-driven insights like these help us improve the overall user experience (UX) of the site while meeting the customer where they are. Today, the TCA chatbot accounts for 43% of TCA’s overall leads.

Strong TCA Visibility

Our local, organic keyword positioning continues to improve month over month.


In just over two years, we were able to help TCA grow from relative obscurity in the online space to a dominant force on SERPs that better reflects their prominence in the North Vancouver market space. Today, many of the competitors we originally aimed to overtake are now scrambling to keep up with TCA’s SEO rankings. 

The team at Elevation Marketing has had the distinct pleasure of shining a light on the unmatched workmanship and customer service TCA Electric was already providing. By putting our proven marketing strategy to work on behalf of TCA, we have created a digital footprint that is fueling their success by driving a steady stream of qualified leads via their digital assets.

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