Reputation Management Services

Your online reputation is more important than ever. How are you viewed by consumers?

At Elevation Marketing we understand that while reputation management companies cannot control each phase of the consumer experience, we can control what consumers see online. We are experts at building profitable, authentic, trustworthy public personas. Our experience in reputation management means that we are experts in managing how potential customers perceive your brand in the online space. Making a wide and meaningful splash in the digital space is one thing, but the impact of your company’s marketing campaign only has legs if your reputation is managed meticulously. Likewise, proper impression management is essential for your company to flourish and reach your growth goals. As an established agency with a keen understanding of the impact that online reviews have on your bottom line, we are here to help you navigate the sometimes choppy waters of managing your online reputation, all while remaining true to your brand voice.

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Our reputation management services include:

Thorough reputation assessment

To begin, we complete an assessment to establish a clear understanding of what your consumer-base is currently sharing about your company in the online space. Our findings will not only reveal where you’re excelling but they will illuminate any areas that require your attention. This goes beyond a cursory search of your business’s name. We will dig deep into the science of reputation management by analyzing how search engines view your company. Furthermore, we will use our expertise in cognitive consumer psychology metrics to gain insights from user behavior and interaction. Armed with a detailed understanding of your company’s current standing, we will be fully prepared to address concerns as they arise and take full advantage of the positive feedback you receive.

Monitoring and response

87% of consumers will go back on a purchase decision if they discover a reputation issue. That is why our team constantly monitors customer reviews, as well as responses to any marketing material associated with your brand. Of course, in a perfect world, every single one of your customers would leave your product or service a glowing review. However we understand how human behavior works and have to be prepared to respond to both positive and negative feedback. Our reputation management team is here to help you respond accordingly each and every time.

Growing your online review profile

It’s not only critical to respond to all reviews you receive through your online profiles, but it’s extremely important to continuously attract more customer reviews. At Elevation Marketing we have a proven track record of helping our clients create authentic customer review programs that help to grow their customer review profiles. This winning strategy has a positive impact across the board, from improved SEO results to building a more trustworthy online presence.

Brand curation

Another major component of effective reputation management is developing an authentic, consistent brand personality. This is the face of your business in the digital world, and the team here at Elevation Marketing understands the importance of getting it right. A well-curated brand will gain long-lasting respect and loyalty amongst consumers and customers, which in turn is proven to boost sales and conversion rates. We are leaders in brand curation. Each strategy is developed out of meticulous data analysis coupled with findings from previous customer success stories, enabling us to establish brand personalities that position our customers as respected industry leaders.

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