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Email marketing has never been more significant in the digital marketing industry. Advancements in technology, as well as the way that we analyze and manipulate data, mean that Elevation Marketing can use this exciting medium to build strong customer relations and improve your revenue growth significantly. We have a proven track record of developing effective email marketing campaigns that bring our clients quantifiable results. As with all our marketing solutions, the team at Elevation Marketing knows that email marketing achieves the greatest success when it is supported by data and meticulous planning. We will address your business goals by tailoring an effective email campaign that speaks directly to your customers and leads them swiftly through the buyer’s journey.

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Partner with an email marketing agency that delivers clever, compelling email content.

We see email marketing as an active opportunity for your business. With 4.3 billion users of email projected for 2023, email marketing addresses a substantial slice of the consumer population, providing endless potential for your business growth. With Elevation’s vast experience in this area, you can rest assured that we will harness the power of email marketing to its full and fruitful extent.

To get the best results from any email marketing agency, it’s essential to understand why this method of communication works so well. We encourage you to peruse the following commonly asked questions, to give you a practical idea of how our team will gain efficient and meaningful results for your company:

Why is email marketing so vital for my business?

At Elevation Marketing, we believe in getting ahead of the competition. Recent studies have shown that although 81% of brands capture data through email marketing to drive a first purchase, only 29% follow up on this sale. Elevation will place your company ahead of the curve by using email marketing to drive further sales opportunities. Simply put: we know how to use email marketing to its full potential. We will collect data based on previous customer behavior to target them with personalized messaging. Remember, checking emails is considered a complementary activity. This means that consumers will scroll through their inboxes whilst watching TV or waiting in a restaurant. By providing a personalized follow-up email, your brand will become a part of this customer’s general consciousness, which is the equivalent of marketing gold.

What will my email marketing campaigns consist of?

Elevation Marketing will create emails that are both pleasing to your customers’ eyes and interests. Our team is skilled in developing responsive email designs to ensure an optimal user experience for desktop and mobile users alike.. Research shows that personalization in email marketing delivers superior results. At Elevation Marketing we develop email marketing strategies that speak to consumers’ individuals needs based upon where they are in the sales funnel. We take into account which pages of your site they spent the most time on. What content have they interacted with the most and what actions they’ve taken. Whether our call to action is to remember a static shopping cart, to schedule a consultation, or check out your latest blog post, we always make sure that our email marketing campaigns make the consumer feel as if your brand is addressing them personally.

Will email marketing improve my ROI?

In short, yes. Studies consistently show that email marketing done well increases ROI significantly. On average, for every $1 invested in email marketing, you can expect to see $20 in ROI This is largely due to the targeted nature of email campaigns, in which consumer groups can be segmented to address what they will want to buy and when. For example, we can segment customers by industry, company size, personal preferences, dislikes, likes…and just about anything else. This is great news for your bottom line, as email marketing targets consumer groups who are already proven to be likely to take your intended action.

Is email marketing cost-effective?

Although the customer’s experience of your brand’s email campaign is personal and individualized, the great thing about this type of marketing is that data and technology do a lot of the legwork once we have segmented your audiences and created a series of targeted email experiences. Our email campaigns are easily readdressed and edited, meaning that we can react quickly to customer behavior and strike whilst the iron is hot.

Will email marketing improve customer relations?

Absolutely. Like we have said, the reason why email marketing agencies favor this medium so much is because of the emphasis it places on your customer base. This is an opportunity to share your brand values on a regular basis, and for your clients to feed into the conversation. Social media is intricately connected to email marketing, creating even more customer relationship opportunities. Increased knowledge of your customers only serves to provide them with a more personalized and enhanced consumer experience.

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