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7 Killer Ways To Leverage AI In Contractor Marketing

Everywhere you turn people are talking about AI and ChatGPT. It’s becoming almost as inescapable as MMMBop in the 90s. Unfortunately, MMMBop finally fizzled and became the one-hit wonder we remember so well. But our gut tells us AI in digital marketing will be sticking around for much longer.


It can be a bit alarming when thinking about the meteoric rise of ChatGPT since December, but don’t freak out just yet. It’s ok to fear what we don’t understand. It’s human nature. What we shouldn’t do is curl up in a ball and start yelling, ‘The robots are coming!’


As marketers we should be embracing this technology and studying how AI in digital marketing, as a new tool, can help all of us be more efficient. So, we’ve done some exploring and experimenting ourselves in order to bring you the most applicable tips on how to navigate ChatGPT and other AI resources. 

 7 Pro Tips For Using AI In Digital Marketing

  1. Use AI to outline your content – This is such an easy opportunity for you to get your feet wet with AI if you’re completely unfamiliar with it. Plus, if you have a difficult time starting off a piece of content or a blog, this is the perfect way to allow AI to help you put the framework together. Working from an outline enables you to create meaningful, concise and engaging content since you’re more focused on the meat of what you’re trying to say instead of trying to organize it as you go. 


  2. Use AI to come up with NEW content ideas – ChatGPT is very good at this. “What are some FAQs that people ask when building a house?” This simple question can yield a list of 5-10 ideas alone. Putting in prompts and questions will help the AI language processor come up with fresh ideas in minutes. The cool thing about ChatGPT is if it returns information that you don’t like or isn’t what you were looking for, then you can continue asking questions to it. The more questions and information you feed it, the more it learns and understands exactly what you are looking for. It can also help spur on something from your own brain. It really does do the heavy thinking for you, which can be helpful as a fast paced marketer. 


  3. Use AI to outline a content plan – Similar to using it for creating a content outline, it’s also an easy way to create content plans and save you a lot of time. Ultimately, AI in digital marketing is helping us to work smarter not harder. 


  4. Use AI to break your writer’s block – As we mentioned just before, any thoughts or ideas that come from an AI resource can be a springboard for your own thought process and creativity. Start throwing things at it and see if anything sticks. Think of it as a second brain for your brainstorming sessions. You never know what will trigger your mind to do its best work. 


  5. Use AI to help write ad copy – We’ve found this to be a brilliant use of AI in digital marketing. Now, we also caution marketers and content creators to be careful not to copy and paste directly from ChatGPT. Sure, this is amazing technology that uses fluid language, but it still can’t replace a human brain. Read the responses and the copy to be sure they’re what you want to say. Tweak it for brand voice, length, tone, and overall messaging.  


  6. Use Copyscape to be sure your content doesn’t appear to be AI written – Copyscape is an online service that helps detect plagiarism and duplicate content across websites. This is helpful now more than ever that AI technology is being used by so many across all industries. This tool can help determine if your written content sounds like a bot or not. When using AI it’s never meant to replace the human element, which is why it’s important to make sure to make it your own. 


  7. Use to write content that breaks the mold – There are limitless ways to create amazing content using ChatGPT and other AI resources. The point is to use it to your advantage. Our brains can come up with lots of different ideas and inputting them into ChatGPT can help expand those ideas and really make them stand out beyond the norm. 


These are easy to follow and we hope you can take these and run with them, but of course to go along with all the positive ways to use AI there are things you shouldn’t do as well. Here are a few tips for how NOT to use this breakthrough technology, so if you’ve made it this far keep going! 


How Not To Use AI In Digital Marketing 

  1. Don’t use AI to completely write your content 

  2. Don’t forget to review and rewrite absolutely everything you pull from AI 

  3. Don’t forget to introduce your own expertise into your AI content

  4. Don’t just write more of the same generic AI based content


We can’t stress enough how important it is NOT to copy and paste the content directly from ChatGPT without reviewing it and making it your own. Remember Google will still penalize AI copy because their goal is to present the best user experience. Information or content written directly from a bot isn’t something that screams high quality content. 


To help remember what’s important when writing content for your website or other online publications, we have an acronym we love to keep in front of us. E.E.A.T. This stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and TrustworthinessThese are the elements that Google looks for within online content, so stick to what you know while providing value and the Google gods will ultimately reward you. 

If you’d like to take a deeper dive into these Do’s & Don’ts of AI in digital marketing, check out our recent podcast