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2024 Marketing Plan: Why Now Is The Time To Get Your $H!# Together — Part 1

2024 marketing plan part 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajx24tFKZ7MHey! Let’s do something crazy today. Let’s start talking about next year’s marketing plan in August! Wild, right? For all you non-planners out there, it’s never too late for now. We’re jumping in early ourselves because what people don’t realize is how much goes into creating an effective marketing plan. Sure, you can half a$$ it and slap […]

Mastering Content Marketing in 2023: A New Era with Familiar Principals

Content Marketing Tips

With the advent of AI over the last 12 months, the content marketing world has had a bit of an identity crisis. Will AI replace content writers all together? How much should we rely on AI for our content marketing efforts? What AI best practices should we be following? How will Google and other search […]

ChatGPT + Bing | Ep. 20

ChatGPT + Bing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h18v6pDSrUoBada-Bing. Bada-Bing. Not quite the expression, we know, but Bing has now forced itself into our everyday conversation without warning and we can’t stop talking about it. With the emergence of the ChatGPT-Microsoft partnership, the search landscape has began changing, dare we say it, for the better. Taking any portion of search business away from the mighty […]

7 Killer Tips To Leverage AI In Contractor Marketing

7 Killer Ways To Leverage AI In Contractor Marketing

Everywhere you turn people are talking about AI and ChatGPT. It’s becoming almost as inescapable as MMMBop in the 90s. Unfortunately, MMMBop finally fizzled and became the one-hit wonder we remember so well. But our gut tells us AI in digital marketing will be sticking around for much longer.   It can be a bit […]

7 Ways to Leverage Your Existing Reviews | Ep. 18

7 ways to leverage existing reviews

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRAmmqZ0rO4 If you’ve ever looked up product or business reviews before making a decision, you’re in good company. They are the perfect way to get to know a business. Here’s our question for all you business owners. Are you using your online reviews to your advantage? If the answer is yes, then congrats to you […]

Why 1 Marketing Channel Isn’t Enough | Episode 15

Why 1 Marketing Channel Isn't Enough | Episode 15

We’re already into Episode 15 of the Trades Secret Podcast and we’re loving all these marketing chats. This time around hosts Devon Hayes and Amanda Joyce talk about why 1 marketing channels isn’t enough. We’re coming off of Easter weekend, so let’s talk eggs and baskets. Throwing all of your money into a single marketing […]

What is Your Marketing ROI | Episode 9

What is Your Marketing ROI? | Episode 9

In Episode 9 of the Trades Secret Podcast hosts Devon Hayes and Amanda Joyce discuss the importance of calculating your marketing ROI. We explore the many expenditures that should be accounted for when assessing your marketing investment. Learn how to calculate your marketing ROI in order to maximize your marketing efforts!   Ready for more? Subscribe today so […]

What is Content Marketing | Episode 7

Content Marketing | Episode 7 Trades Secrets Podcast

In Episode 7 of the Trades Secret Podcast hosts Devon Hayes and Amanda Joyce talk about content marketing for contractors. Why should you care? Because content marketing is a time investment that will attract qualified leads and build brand trust. Ready for more? Subscribe today so you don’t miss a single trade secret reveal. Also be sure […]

Owning Your Digital Assets | Episode 4

Trades Secrets Episode 3: Owning Your Digital Assets

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NW7A0NsJnN0&list=PL-v2ElYWOqX8jZlaKuHz1krepsTZVY1As&index=5 In Episode 4 of the Trades Secret Podcast hosts Devon Hayes and Amanda Joyce discuss why it is critical for your company to own your digital assets. Don’t miss these contractor marketing tips that could save you thousands in wasted marketing spend and years of progress in SERPs.  Ready for more? Subscribe today so you don’t […]