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Play Video about Creating an Effective Keyword Strategy

Episode 16  of the Trades Secret Podcast is here! So, we’re in the thick of tax season and it’s kind of like getting a root canal. Both are necessary but nobody really wants to do it. Same goes for keyword research. It’s tedious work in the trenches, but absolutely necessary for the health of your business in the long run.

We’re data nerds around here, so we love keyword research and love sharing how it can help transform your business — boosting you to the top of the search rankings.

In today’s episode, hosts Devon Hayes and Amanda Joyce are sharing some SEO and keyword basics to help set you on the right track! Here’s what’s inside: 

  1. Why targeting a specific keyword matters
  2. The 4 types of keywords you should be ranking for as a contractor
  3. The importance of identifying your buyer types and creating personas 
  4. Basic keyword metrics to look at as a contractor
  5. One of the top tools to retrieve your business’ keyword data
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