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2024 Marketing Plan: Why Now is the Time to Get your $H!# Together – Part 3 | Ep. 36

2024 marketing plan part 3

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkLRUcUiXMwAny Godfather fans out there? Well, let’s be honest. We all know that the Godfather Part III should never have been made. It was terrible. But guess what? Our Part III is so not that! Our Part III is worth every minute, and is action packed so get your popcorn ready. This go around we are talking […]

2024 Marketing Plan: Why Now Is The Time To Get Your $H!# Together — Part 2 | Ep. 35

2024 marketing plan part 2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWxbZVwSjhAWe’re jumping straight in to part II of this much anticipated series of planning out your 2024 marketing.   We’re life-loving people around here and we love it when people jump in with both feet and go all-in on things. But here’s the thing. With your marketing plan it’s a little different.   To be […]

2024 Marketing Plan: Why Now Is The Time To Get Your $H!# Together — Part 1 | Ep. 34

2024 marketing plan part 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajx24tFKZ7MHey! Let’s do something crazy today. Let’s start talking about next year’s marketing plan in August! Wild, right? For all you non-planners out there, it’s never too late for now. We’re jumping in early ourselves because what people don’t realize is how much goes into creating an effective marketing plan. Sure, you can half a$$ it and slap […]

Why 1 Marketing Channel Isn’t Enough | Episode 15

Why 1 Marketing Channel Isn't Enough | Episode 15

We’re already into Episode 15 of the Trades Secret Podcast and we’re loving all these marketing chats. This time around hosts Devon Hayes and Amanda Joyce talk about why 1 marketing channels isn’t enough. We’re coming off of Easter weekend, so let’s talk eggs and baskets. Throwing all of your money into a single marketing […]

5 Costly Google Ads Mistakes You’re Probably Making | Episode 10

5 Costly Google Ads Mistakes | Episode 10

In Episode 10 of the Trades Secret Podcast hosts Devon Hayes and Amanda Joyce discuss 5 tips to help you avoid wasted spend in Google Ads. Don’t miss these actionable insights that can improve efficiencies and save your valuable marketing dollars. Setting everything on broad match  Not using landing pages Not checking your search query reports […]

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Marketing Agency

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Marketing Agency

There is no shortage of contractor marketing agencies out there. As with most things, the internet has made it easy to do business with any agency, in any city, or even any country in the world. So, how is a business owner to know what questions to ask before hiring a marketing agency?  Here at […]

Paid Media KPIs: What You Should Be Monitoring

image with Paid Media KPIs: 7 metrics you should be monitoring

A lot goes into a successful digital marketing strategy. From paid media to social media, and from content to SEO, there are many angles a marketing expert can take to build your business’s presence online. But how do you know if your marketing strategy is succeeding? That’s where key performance indicators, or KPIs, come in. […]

5 Expensive Mistakes in Google Ads

5 Expensive Mistakes in AdWords Perhaps the most powerful advertising resource available today, Google AdWords is a major asset for anyone doing business online. It enables businesses to target precisely who they want, stretching their advertising dollars much farther. But as professionals in the digital marketing space, our team at Elevation Marketing frequently sees businesses […]

Account Based Marketing Explained

Account Based Marketing Explained At Elevation Marketing, we understand that a successful digital strategy is all about balancing current best practices with innovative concepts. Sometimes, new ideas surface that take the current marketing landscape and completely upend it. New ideas aren’t always successful—but some of those topsy-turvy ideas are just crazy enough to work, becoming […]