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Roofing SEO: Improve Your Online Visibility & Drive Qualified Leads

We’ve helped many roofers take charge of their online presence and organic search ranking to drive highly qualified leads.

Roofing SEO is no different than SEO other than it is niche, specific to the roofing industry. There are nuances and specific citations roofers should think of that an experienced agency will be able to help you with as well as subject matter experts on original content for your website. Whether you’re at $1M in revenue, $1M-$5M, or $5M plus in revenue investing in SEO should be part of your strategic marketing plan. How much and when to invest in SEO for your roofing company will vary based on your annual revenue but should always be in your marketing plan. The reason we are big proponents of roofing SEO is because it is an investment in your business and brand that can’t be taken away from you once you cut ties with your marketing agency.

Why do I need SEO for my roofing company? 

Though the term is thrown around loosely, SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing your online presence to increase your visibility in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). When executed effectively, an SEO strategy can help your roofing company gain rank for highly valuable search terms that drive qualified traffic and convert those visitors into new customers.

Unlike other forms of marketing, such as digital ads or direct mailers, SEO is a tool that can continue to serve your company for years to come. Once you’ve established visibility in SERPs, even if you choose to stop investing in SEO, your search rankings will stick with you. Like most things in business worth investing in, SEO is not an overnight solution but a long-term play that will earn trust with your target audience and establish you as a thought leader in the roofing industry. If you are ready to make a long-term investment in your company’s future, and to establish a consistent source of qualified leads, it’s time to invest in SEO.

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What are the Benefits of SEO for Roofing Contractors?

The benefits of any reputable SEO service are that the results are long lasting and help build trust for your brand and make you an authority around roofing within your service area. You can track the efficacy of your SEO efforts with quantifiable KPIs like:

  • Organic Traffic 
  • Keyword rankings
  • Search Visibility
  • Number of keywords for which you rank
  • Organic traffic conversions (leads)
  • Indexed pages
  • Website health


In addition to quantifiable results it supports your content marketing efforts and can maximize your PPC efforts. Roofing SEO is a long term marketing strategy with lasting results that help build your audience organically. 

Pro Tip: If you are looking to partner with a marketing agency for SEO that will be doing the content writing for you, roofers you’ll want to be sure: 1. You’ll own the content when your contract ends; 2. The content is original content; 3. The agency is highly experienced in writing roofing content and thoroughly understands.

Looking for Roofing SEO tips you can handle yourself?

Here’s 7 Steps to Take Today to Improve Your Search Rankings

1. Create and/or optimize your Google Business Profile 

Having a fully optimized Google Business Profile is essential to establishing an online presence. Google has put a huge emphasis on these profiles, putting them front and center in local search results. If you do not already have a Google Business Profile, set yours up today. If you already have a profile, now is the time to ensure yours is fully optimized. To do so, search your company name and select Edit profile from the Search Engines Results Page (SERP).

Google business profile stats

Once in your profile, simply take advantage of providing every possible piece of information you are asked to complete. This gives Google and your potential customers a full understanding of the services you provide, the areas you serve and what sets you apart in your local market. This includes: at least 5 high quality images of your office, your team, your work, etc. The more images, the better! 

Pro tip: take advantage of the products section of your profile. Rather than listing actual products, use this as an opportunity to feature each of your service offerings (roof replacement, roof repair, etc.). Google gives products prime placement in the SERPs. Taking advantage of this feature will only increase your search real estate.

Google business profile products section

2. Create and implement a localized keyword strategy 

Taking the time to do a little bit of research will save you time and money. SEO takes time to work so choosing the right keyword to target is imperative. You can use tools like Ahrefs.com (Use the $7 for 7 days), or SEMRush.com to research potential targeted keyword phrases. You might find that in your location, “roofing contractors” has more search volume than “roofing contractor.” Keyword Research is a whole separate animal but search volume and difficulty are two metrics to contemplate. 

Pro Tip: As you’re selecting and prioritizing keywords, be sure to consider user intent. Terms like “best roofing contractor + city name” or “best roofer near me” suggest the searcher is actively looking to hire a local roofer. These are the terms you want to chase! 

3. Establish consistency across all of your online profiles 

While your company name, address, and phone number (NAP) should appear the same across all social media and directory profiles. For example, if your company name is Roofing Company Inc. but you sometimes go by Roofing Co. Inc., or Roofing Company–Google sees those as different businesses. Make sure any abbreviations used in your company name or address are consistent. 

4. Add unique location pages to your sitemap 

Having unique, localized content that speaks to each of the areas you serve is another critical component of your roofing SEO strategy. This enables you to speak to your experience in the area and what sets you apart, while also giving Google quality content to index. One of Google’s 2022 algorithm updates did however include a penalty for sites who publish duplicate location focused content that simply swaps out city names and a few details. Google’s AI is continuing to advance, enabling them to easily identify and penalize that type of content. Long story short, if you’re going to go to the trouble to publish location pages, do the extra work and write unique content that truly speaks to each community. 

Pro Tip: Include segments of content in your location pages that speak to each unique community. Don’t just cover roofing, share community events, information about local permitting guidelines and other information your readers will find interesting. This will not only make your pages more engaging but Google’s will reward you for it!

5. Create & execute a consistent, authoritative content strategy 

Regularly publishing fresh, unique content to your website, that demonstrates your subject matter expertise, is a critical component of any SEO strategy. Leverage your localized keyword strategy to outline a blog content calendar that includes FAQ’s, tips and tricks, insider tips and more. This is your opportunity to showcase your roofing expertise, establish search search rankings on high value terms and attract new customers. Aim for publishing at least one new piece of content a week and plan to publicize each piece on your social media channels. This practice will improve your SEO social signals while continuously increasing your backlink profile.

6. Earn as many 5 star reviews as possible 

Not only do online reviews help build trust with potential customers but they play a significant role in your search visibility. Work with your project managers and administrative staff to establish an effective method of asking for and obtaining honest, high quality reviews at the close of each job. Depending on the size of your company you may find that an automated method is your best approach, or simply sending a personalized email with a link to your Google Business Profile might prove more effective. Regardless of the approach you choose to take, be sure that continuously growing your 5 star review count is a high priority for your entire team. 

7. Rid your site of thin content 

 As the name suggests, thin content provides little value to site visitors. It’s typically content for the sake of content that is evident to your readers and ultimately takes away from the user experience. Additionally, thin content eats into your crawl budget. Meaning when Google’s crawlers visit your site, you risk wasting their valuable time spent indexing your content on thinner, less impactful pieces.  Ridding your site of thin content is a quick win that can really help you make strides from an SEO standpoint. Review your site and revisit pages that are not at least 650 words in length with quality content and clear calls to action. 

Pro tip: if you find that you have some thin content that you don’t want to remove, simply set it to “no index” to ensure search crawlers move past it and therefore don’t penalize you for it.

Elevation Marketing Roofing SEO Services

From high priced agencies to companies offering quick, cheap solutions, how do you differentiate fact from fiction? At Elevation Marketing, we are a partnership-based agency with an emphasis on integrity, transparency and REAL results. Whether you are ready to invest in a full-scale roofing SEO services or one-on-one marketing coaching, we are the small but mighty agency you want in your corner.

A proven track record of success in roof marketing

With decades of combined experience in digital marketing, Elevation Marketing first began to focus on the roofing industry in 2014 when we started our partnership with Elite Roofing. Over the past 9 years, we have played a significant role in helping establish Elite as a trusted brand on a national scale. The backbone of our strategy from the very beginning was to dominate search rankings for localized, service-based terms in order to provide a consistent stream of qualified leads. Through this process we not only reached our goals but established a proven formula for success in roofing SEO. Check out our case study to see just how we did it.

Many years, and Google algorithm updates later, we have helped dozens of roofing companies establish dominance in local search rankings and grow their businesses as a result. If you are looking for a marketing partner to help you achieve these results, look no further.

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We’ve never focused on our own marketing. As a niche agency, we’d prefer to work on you! But as a fun challenge for 2023 we’re trying to rank for the keyword “roofing seo.” Follow along with updates each month to see how we do!

Keyword Research:
Check out our 4 part video series on how to do it!

keyword research spreadsheet

Keyword Research 1: Setup & Data Extraction

Keyword Research 2: Competitive Data Analysis

Keyword Research 3: Keyword Explorer

Keyword Research 4: Choosing a Keyword

Client Reviews

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“Elevation Marketing has been a partner of ours for years, and I highly recommend working with them for consistent results.”

Since Elevation Marketing joined the project, the client's online presence has improved dramatically. Their leads have increased through the website and advertisements that the team has been running. Their creativity and knowledge of SEO have been valuable to long-term engagement.

Roofing SEO FAQs

Investing in SEO is extremely important for roofers who are interested in establishing an online presence and serving a particular area today and years down the road. Properly executed SEO will help a roofing company gain rank in local search results, earn the trust of local property owners and drive qualified online leads.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of optimizing your digital assets to increase your company’s visibility in search engine results pages, for key terms related to your core service offerings. When executed properly, SEO will not only increase visibility but increase high quality traffic to your website and convert more of that traffic to new customers.

SEO for roofers is the process of optimizing your website, as well as your other online assets, to improve your rankings in top search engines for terms related to your core service offerings. Top rankings, for high buyer-intent terms, enable you to drive high quality traffic to your web assets and convert those visitors into new customers.

You have a wide variety of options when it comes to promoting your roofing business including: SEO, Google Local Service Ads (GLSA), paid search ads, social media, direct mail and email marketing. The best solution for your needs depends on your budget and your immediate needs. GLSA will get your phone ringing right away while SEO is a long-term strategy. If you would like to explore your options, we encourage you to contact us today.

Roofing SEO helps to establish your company as a trusted service provider in your local market. By optimizing your web assets and increasing your online reviews, SEO will help your roofing company establish a positive reputation and attract new customers.

Roofing SEO is the process of optimizing your web assets to improve your search rankings for terms related to your core service offerings. Top rankings, for these high value search terms, attract new customers who are actively looking for your services.

This really depends on the size and level of competition in your market. However, as a general rule of thumb, you can expect to see big strides in rankings in the first 5 to 8 months and an uptick in online leads in the first 8 to 12 months.

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