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Leave The Marketing MOJO To Us

Having a seasoned marketing chief officer in your corner doesn’t sound half bad does it?  Elevation Marketing decided to offer up an elite, full-service package for home service contractors who need an expert to help so they can actually focus on what matters for their business. Gain a deep understanding of the tactics that will transform your business from a referral based company to a thriving, sales focused organization.

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Expert Digital Strategy

We eat, drink and sleep digital strategy, especially for contractors—it’s our favorite. We will do a deep dive into your trade, your location and your digital footprint to effectively recommend what we know beyond the shadow of a doubt will get you results. 

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Search Engine Optimization

Precise. That’s the kind of targeting and research that we do on all of the keywords that you need to rank for specifically in your area. When your website traffic begins to skyrocket, you can send some flowers. We’re a sucker for Daisies. 

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We’re business owners just like you, so tracking your budget to the penny is something we know all too well. Our expertise and experience allow us to confidently pin point and reach your ideal customers through an effective and precise plan without waste or breaking the bank.

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Content Marketing

The meat and potatoes. This is all of your written copy, whether on your website or on any print material you give out. The words better be able to stand alone and pack a convincing punch. Elevation Marketing can help deliver an engaging message in the very voice of your brand and business that you have worked so hard to build. So, let us. 

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Email Marketing

We’ll help you skip the small talk and get straight to the inbox. Nobody knows the power of email quite like us. We’ll help build new connections, create buzz around your brand and offer promotions to loyal customers—cutting through the clutter is what we do. 

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Reputation Management

Solid reputations are as important as well built homes. If businesses aren’t set on a foundation of quality service with integrity behind it, it will fold faster than a cheap chair. Our professional team will help handle the buzz, good and bad while ensuring powerful top-notch reviews are flowing in the right direction.

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Social Media Management

It’s a lot more than just posts and likes, so having someone with full management of your social media presence is a game changer for business owners. With social media we will showcase the quality and reliability of your services while helping build your online community through engagement and relevant conversation. As your CMO Assist, just think of us in your pocket at all times.

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Being entrenched in contractor marketing for some time now, our team has decades of experience with day-to-day operations of running a business while marketing for the home services industry. We’ve packaged up all of our knowledge and lessons learned into a coaching bundle that contractors have been seeing success with for years. Elevate your business with us. You won’t be disappointed.

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Website Management

DIY is not something you want to test out with your website. It would be like trying to fix a leaky faucet with duct tape. All you’re going to have is a big mess on your hands that ends in tears. Allow us to take that pesky task off your plate so you can focus on what you do best and leave the technical nuts and bolts to us.

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