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An effective, user-friendly website is essential in today’s business market. Not only does your website need to look good, but it must support an optimal user experience (UX). Research shows that websites have a mere five seconds to make an impact on a potential customer: meaning your website needs to impress visitors from the word go.

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The importance of having a well-designed website cannot be overestimated. Knowledge of effective website design will boost your conversion rate, drive sales, expand your company’s reach, and build trust between your brand and your target consumer. You want your customers to feel an unquestionable sense of trust and authority as soon as they enter your site.

As a well established web design agency, the team at Elevation Marketing is here to capture the essence of your brand through modern, consistent, enticing design.

But effective web design reaches far beyond simple aesthetics. Simply put, web design is not just about how a website looks, but how it works. Here at Elevation Marketing, we have years of collective experience in technical web development. The digital paths that your website opens for customers is crucial for generating sales, as is well-planned navigation.

Using our data-driven expertise, we will optimize the consumer facing side of your website to maximize conversion opportunities while enticing visitors to peruse each expertly designed page of your site.

For a more thorough overview of what Elevation Marketing will accomplish for your business through strategic website design, explore our services in more detail:

WordPress expertise:

Having worked with a host of content management systems over the years, we have gained an intimate understanding of the risks and benefits associated with each. As a web design agency focused on delivering efficient, intuitive user experiences that are as effective as they are affordable, today we focus solely on designing and developing in WordPress. WordPress sites are known for being extremely SEO friendly, as well as user friendly so that should a client choose, they are able to easily add content and make changes to their website.

Improved and optimized consumer reach for your company:

A website is not a standalone asset; it must engage and connect with the wider digital world in order to gain traction and visitors. The content of your pages, from service and product descriptions to blog content, must be presented and written in a way that directly addresses how search engines rank websites. We have a team of professionals who thoroughly understand the evolving intricacies of search engine algorithms and rankings. Therefore, if you choose to engage our team for your web design and content needs, you can rest assured that every page of your website will gain maximum exposure and consumer attention.

Interactive marketing features:

Research shows that the more engaging a website is, the longer visitors stay; and the longer visitors stay, the more sales are completed. Features such as videos and chat boxes can be embedded into your website to increase its interactive appeal. Not an expert in these things? Then look no further. The Elevation Marketing team is highly skilled in selecting and integrating the enhanced features required to make your site stand out amongst the competition.

Increased sales and conversion rate:

As an agency, we take a goal-orientated approach to each website design we execute. Every minute detail is painstakingly chosen with the end user experience in mind. By integrating highly engaging content, interactive leading-edge technologies and optimal website navigation, we are able to deliver a UX that is truly second to none. A UX that quickly and efficiently moves potential customers down the sales funnel and ultimately converts them into new business.

Easy to use:

As a WordPress focused web design agency, we pride ourselves on delivering an end product that is as easy to update as it is to navigate. Upon completion, we will hand over the proverbial keys. We will ensure your team is able to make updates quickly and easily, without the need to further involve developers.

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