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Marketing Packages

You know what it takes to SELL HOUSES but you don’t have the time to do it all.

Let ELEVATION marketing take care of that for you. 


Maybe you don’t need a full time marketing person. Maybe you don’t want the added payroll expense. Maybe you don’t know how to do these things, but know they need to be done. ELEVATION marketing can help.


To sell a luxury listing in today’s market you must make your listing stand out. You’re a real estate expert so you already know that, but chances are you don’t have time to do everything you possibly can to make your listing stand out. Time constraints and know-how are often inhibitors. Let ELEVATION marketing fill the gap. Here is what we typically provide, but can customize even further.


Consistency is the key to effective marketing. It does not matter whether you email once a week or once a month as long as your clients know what to expect from you. The problem is most businesses do not consistently market, therefore they do not see results and get frustrated. Let ELEVATION marketing make you consistent. This package can be customized further, just ask!