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Marketing and the Emerging Cannabis Industry

At ELEVATION marketing we have a wide breadth of knowledge across a multitude of industries. In recent years however, cannabis marketing has become one of our core areas of expertise. Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Colorado in 2014, we have had the pleasure of serving this emerging market. In 2016 alone, North American consumers injected $6.9 billion into the legal cannabis industry; a rise of 34% from 2015. Not since the advent of cable television in the 1980’s or broadband internet access in the early 2000’s has an industry reported a compound annual growth rate at this level.

Cannabis Marketing

As more and more states vote to legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana, these numbers will only continue to grow. This new frontier of sorts, is introducing exciting new opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish dominance in the cannabis industry. Here at ELEVATION marketing we could not be more excited to help our clients succeed in this evolving space.

Our team of digital marketing experts has extensive knowledge of the nuances of the emerging cannabis industry. Together we help our clients establish brand dominance while navigating the oftentimes choppy waters associate with advertising restrictions and regulations. If you are ready to launch a brand, expand your reach, or simply explore opportunity in the marijuana marketplace, we encourage you to contact us today!


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Cannabis marketing is the new frontier but with ever evolving guidelines and regulations, you want to be sure you’re working with an experienced, knowledgeable cannabis marketer. Request your free online assessment today!